Why salesforce claims “No software”

If you have recently visited the homepage of Salesforce.com you may have noticed a strange quote on their “welcome” banner. The slogan reads “No hardware. No software. No headaches.”. How can it be “No software” when right  below they claim that they are supposedly the leaders in cloud computing ? My bet is that someone from their marketing department insisted that people have associated software with viruses, painful error messages and technical terms they don’t understand. So the way they chose to differentiate themselves is by claiming “No software”.

salesforce no software

Yet it is software. In fact it’s a lot of software. It’s at least four software products that are deployed in desktops, tablets and smartphones. Yes that is a lot of software. And since they consider software a bad thing and claim not to produce it, we can easily understand the quality of their software. It takes only one click at the “Free trial” button to get a glimpse of what salesforce thinks about how software should be like. When you hit the “Free trial” button, you are faced with a form with 12 fields and buttons. Indeed that’s a lot of software for such a simple task.

If that is what salesforce’s idea of software, then indeed their software sucks. If it takes 12 fields to make a request for a demo and that complexity is carried out to their products as well, then it’s easy to understand why they view software as a nightmare. Because they have never produced great software, neither have they got the taste to appreciate other people’s great work. What a sad thing to see a company, with the mentality to create and ship crap and then just try to hide it from it’s customers with gimmicks.

Fortunately there are other companies which do their best, to produce great software products. We at Demian Labs are one of those companies that spend day after day, putting our knowledge and effort into tweaking every little detail that makes our software fast, easy and pleasurable to use. And as such a company, we are proud to claim “Yes, software. Great software!”.