Selling people ? Well that pisses me off

Thousands of people use delicious. Until a few months ago I was an active daily user myself. But delicious is slow and I always thought it’s social layer was implemented poorly. I never felt I was interacting with people of similar interests on delicious. Yahoo never had a vision for delicious. They never cared to improve it so after a while I got tired.

I’m a web developer, and web bookmarking is essential to me. I needed a fast and easy way to store my bookmarks. And a personalized homepage so I can get faster to them. I thought “if nobody cares about the tools I need, I should create them myself”. So I created Deskhot to cover my own needs at first.

I showed it to a few friends and they started using it. It turned out I wasn’t the only one who needed a fast bookmarking tool. Now Deskhot is used by a small group of people who moved away from delicious and never looked back.

A few days ago Yahoo decided to finally sell delicious along with it’s users. They warned that everyone not willing to accept the new terms of service will not be able to use delicious in a few months. What they really said is: I don’t care if you got 5 years of bookmarks in there. You will take parts in some investor’s “social web” experiments like it or not.

If you, like me and lots of others, don’t like being sold, but just need a great tool for your bookmarking, you are welcome to join us. I have created an import tool that allows you to migrate your bookmarks from delicious in a few minutes along with their tags and privacy settings. Most pages in Deskhot load as fast as 0.08 seconds and real time search makes finding your bookmarks faster than ever.

Deskhot will always be free of charge. I will be offering premium accounts for people who desire specialized features like storing cached pages. But the main functionality of Deskhot will always be free of charge. By having premium accounts along with the free ones I will ensure that Deskhot will always be a profitable project that will never have a reason to be sold or shut down.

I’d like to hear your opinion about it. Feel free to talk to me on twitter anytime.