Hey! The internet sucks. Let’s make it better!

The internet was one of the most important revolutions in the history of mankind. There is no doubt that no other technology has made the information age a reality like the internet has. However in the wrong hands, it can be made a tool to discriminate, annoy and treat people with disrespect.

The images bellow are real screenshots from web pages that I’ve encountered in my daily browsing. Some companies think that there are some priviledged countries, and the rest of the world. And those companies obviously think that those two categories should not be treated equally.

We live in a planet where everyone is connected with the rest of the world through the net. Twitter spreads the news faster than TV or newspappers. We are constantly moving towards a more connected future. It is innevitable that all these practices of discrimination will fail sooner or later. It is common sense that some people just don’t get the medium.

We deserve a better web and we have the tools to develop a better web. We also have the responsibility to create a better internet. So if you are a web developer or designer, or work in a startup, you should know that there is always room for improvement. You don’t need a million dolar idea to make a difference. Take a sad web app and make it better.