Templates & themes for CodeIgniter

One of the biggest drawbacks of a framework is the absence of built in theming functionality. CodeIgniter is no exception to that rule. Although there are quite a few libraries out there which aim to provide theming support, they don’t feel like being part of the framework. I was annoyed with having to use anything which looks like an ugly hack so I created a library which supports themes in CodeIgniter in a native style.

Templates for CodeIgniter

First of all let’s see how this baby works:

Using themes:


Loading CSS and Javascript files from within your views:


Yes that was all. It is that simple.


Structure of your files

In the same path as your application folder create a theme folder and inside it a folder with the theme’s name. Also create a folder with the theme’s name inside views.

Inside the download you will see how the demo theme is structured.

/application/views/demo/...    (Your views go here)
/themes/demo/css/...           (CSS files)
/themes/demo/js/...            (Javascript files)
/themes/demo/theme.php         (The theme file itself)


Bonus: Caching control

Have you noticed that sometimes when you update your css or javascript files the changes don’t take effect until the browser empties it’s cache ? This library supports a suffix for all css and javascript files which allows you to control the caching of your files by the browser. Inside the config folder you will find a file mainframe.php. Make sure you autoload it and set a version for your files.

$config['cjsuf'] = '0.1';

When you change that version to say 0.2, browsers will be forced to reload them since they think it is a different file.


Inside the download there is a demo theme to get you started

Download it here