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Cloud Based Service

MobileTest.me allows people to test a website or application design across many different mobile devices in one step. It's an invaluable asset to preview and share mobile web projects with customers and colleagues.

People have trusted MobileTest.me to run over 5.000.000 tests and numerous technical publications have sang its praises.

Cloud based Software As A Service


Development tool

We have developed an advanced web application framework, because we felt limited from the tools available.

Mainframe offers features like advanced theming, asset management and easy to implement modularity that makes the work of a developer a real pleasure.

MainframePHP web framework

We work remotely

With a team spread across three major Greek cities and customers all around the globe we can safely claim ourselves, masters of remote-working.

A culture of complete transparency facilitates effective communication and a feeling of trust. Most of our customers claim they work better with us than their partners next door.

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